Prof. Dr. YASİN CEYLAN (Retired, Part-time instructor)


Phone:  +90 312 210 3140 

Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh (Great Britain), 1980. Research interests: the relationship between theology and philosophy, Islamic philosophy, Medieval metaphysics, ethics. Publications include:

Theology and Tafsir in the Major Works of Fakhr al-Din al Razi, ISTAC, Kuala Lumpur, 1996.

"Al-Ghazali between Rationalism and Mysticism" Studies in Spirituality 4(1994), 5-11.

"A Kantian Approach to the Avicennian Doctrine of Abstraction" Islamic Studies 31(1992), 71-82.

"Mulla Sadra's Theory of Knowledge in its Islamic Peripatetic Background" Islamic Studies 29(1990), 43-55.


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