Prof. Dr. TEO GRÜNBERG (Retired, Part-time instructor)


Ph.D. from Istanbul University, 1964. Research interests: philosophy of logic, proof theory, intensional logics, knowledge and epistemic justification, confirmation of scientific theories. Publications include:

"Long Run Consistency of Beliefs as Criterion of Empirical Knowledge" in Ionna Kuçuradi and Robert S. Cohen (eds.), The Concept of Knowledge: The Ankara Seminar (Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science, vol.170), Kluwer, 1995, 149-163

(with Gürol Irzık) "Carnap and Kuhn: Arch Enemies or Close Allies?" British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 46(1995), 285-307

"Predicate-Functor Logic with Operation Symbols" Logique et Analyse 29(1986), 95-104

"A Tableau System of Proof for Predicate-Functor Logic and Identity" Journal of Symbolic Logic 48(1983), 1140-1144.

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